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Applet Tutorial: Other Effects

This category includes 17 applets, i.e., anfyclock, anfycam, anfychat, anfypaint, anfypuzzle, blobs, blur, fire, flag, flag 2, madtext, plasma, solidscroll, spiralstar, startext, text scroller and zoomblur in particular.

Now look at each applet and select one to proceed for detailed applet specific instructions.

(1) AnfyClock applet

This applet shows a clock on the applet area. The user can choose from three display modes: 2d, 3d and "old" style clock.

(2) AnfyCam applet

This applets gives an alternative image loading function for WebCam in place of simple meta-tag in HTML.

(3) AnfyChat applet

The AnfyChat is a client/server solution to provide an IRC-like chat on web pages. Unlike other Anfy applets, you have not to copy the .class files on your site, but instead place only the html parameters to load the chat from our server.

(4) AnfyPaint applet

This applet provides a complete paint program on the web with image save function. So, you can collect your visitors' works easily.

(5) AnfyPuzzle applet

This is a popular game applet which disassemble the image and let you recompose it from the fragments. Simple but fun.

(6) Blobs applet

This applet visualises so-called blobs, light balls, which you may call rather "new age" effect.

(7) Blur applet

This applet displays a series of images with sound and blur effects.

(8) Fire applet

This applet visualises realistic flame.

(9) Waving flag applet

This applet simulates a waving flag. 34 nations' flags are supported.

(10) Waving flag applet 2

This applet loads your selected image and waves it.

(11) MadText applet

This applet displays a scrolling text, using colored fonts. There are some effects available, including falling, distortion, zoom rotator and blur effect.

(12) Plasma applet

This applet produces so-called "plasma" effect using 3 types of generators.

(13) Simple text scroller

This applet is a very simple text scroller, which most Anfy applets incorporate somehow.

(14) SpiralStar applet

This applet shows some animations of a spiral and/or a star drawn in real-time
with psychedelic backgrounds.

(15) StarWarsText applet

This applet shows a perspective text scroller like in the starting titles of the "Star Wars" movie. The text starts from the screen bottom and scrolls up to the top, fading to a choosen color.

(16) Solid Text Scroller applet

This is a dedicated text scroller applet with many significant functions. You can apply jump, wave, and/or mirror effect to simple scroll function.

(17) Zoom and Blur Text applet

The applet displays a scrolling text, using colored fonts. The text scrolls horizontally, vertically, or in circle. You could add zoom and blur effects while moving.