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Applet Tutorials: Simple text scroller

This applet is a simple text scroller, the function of which is utilised in most Anfy applets, but for those who only want text scroll function, we have separated the function and made it an independent applet.

Since, we have already added the textscroll menu to the existing Anfy wizard, there isn't much to see in the textscroller specific menu which I'm going to explain in a minute below.

[For more technical information about the available parameters, click here.]

Most parameters are self-explanatory and you can always see brief description of each parameter by moving the mouse pointer over the wizard.

First of all, define the applet size "Width", "Height" and set either the background colour or the background image.

Since the ver 1.4, the tree items can be named with non-English fonts. To achieve this, you need to select your desired character set at the "character set" parameter box.

In the example shown left, Japanese (Shift-JIS) is selected. Then, appropriate code will be added in the final document within a <meta> tag.

We currently provide the following list of character sets, but if you manually edit <meta> tag, you should be able to use others too.

Arabic (ISO) iso-8859-6
Arabic (Windows) windows-1256
Baltic (ISO) iso-8859-4
Baltic (Windows) windows-1257
Chinese (Traditional) big5
Chinese (Simplified) gb2312
Chinese (Simplified HZ) hz-gb-2312
Cyrillic (ISO) iso-8859-5
Cyrillic (Windows) windows-1251
European (Central, ISO) iso-8859-2
European (Central, Windows) windows-1250
European (Western, ISO) <-- default iso-8859-1
Greek (ISO) iso-8859-7
Greek (Windows) windows-1253
Hebrew (ISO) iso-8859-8
Hebrew (Windows) windows-1255
Japanese (Shift-JIS) x-sjis
Japanese (JIS) iso-2022-jp
Japanese (EUC) x-euc-jp
Korean (ISO) iso-2022-kr
Korean (euc-kr) euc-kr
Latin 3 (ISO) iso-8859-3
Thai (ISO) iso-8859-11
Thai (Windows) windows-874
Turkish (ISO) iso-8859-9
Turkish (Windows) windows-1254
Ukrainian (KOI8-RU) koi8-ru
Vietnamese (Windows) windows-1258

Those who use non-English (non-Latin) fonts should know how to handle non-Latin fonts in HTML. For example, you add in the <head></head> tag,

<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

if Latin fonts are used. However, in the case of Latin fonts, most people tend to use default character set and may not explicitly state this. The wizard automatically outputs this tag for you!

Press "Next" button and proceed your editing on the text scroll menu, then go to the expert menu.