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User Registration
1. Shareware agreement.

Anfy is a shareware. Although it is freely usable and distributable, to take full advantage of the program, you have to pay small amount of money and receive your registration codes (regcodes).

2. How regcodes work?

While most shareware registration works on per user basis, our regcodes only unlock the applets on particular domains. So, if you use the applets on three different sites, you need to buy 3 licenses. However, if you have all three sites hosted by the same ISP, you only need to purchase a single licence. The number of required license corresponds to the number of domains.

For instance, if your site's URL is:

You should register "" with us.

3. Registration fee.

The software registration is required whenever you add a new domain, or even when you change the existing domain. The latter includes change of your ISP. Find the price for the number of domains which you intend to register from the list:

Domain no. Price (USD) Domain no. Price (USD)


For 4 domains and above, the price increases $10 USD as you add one domain up to 20 domains. Thus, the price for 12 domains, for example, is $140, and the price for 20 domains is $200.

If you plan mass purchase, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to arrange discount.

For more information about registration, please see our registration faq document.

4. Purchase methods

You can buy the registration code(s) using a credit card through our secure server. The online store uses PGP secure encryption.


For other payment methods (like bank cheques, international money order, wire transfers, phone orders), please go to the alternative payment methods page.