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Applet Tutorial: Menu applets

This category includes 5 applets, i.e., anfy button, cube menu, tree menu, morph menu, and wheel menu in particular.

Now look at each applet and select one to proceed for detailed instructions.

(1) Anfy button applet

This applet displayes animated buttons with some special effects. The FX includes: water, blob, warp, huerot, etc.

(2) Cube menu applet

This applet is similar to texture mapped cube, but with extra link parameters, it functions as a unique menu.

(3) Morph menu applet

This applet works as a simple menu with a unique background, which can be either simple colour, a selected image, galaxy effect, or blob effect.

(4) Tree menu applet

This applet provides Windows' Explorer style menu for the web.

(5) Wheel menu applet

This applet produces embossed menu. One of the most useless user interface around... :)