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Applet Tutorials: Math visualisations
This category includes 4 applets, i.e., flozoids, ifsfract, life2d, and mandel in particular. Now look at each applet and select one to proceed for detailed applet specific instructions.

(1) Flozoids applet

This applet visualises a famous A-Life algorithm called "flozoids", which are moving particles all over the applet area.

(2) IFS-fractal applet

This applet simulates a L-System fractal tree, which morphs and rotate periodically.

(3) Life2D applet

This applet simulates a Game of Life. Conway's life particles discretely generated by the set of rules show several equilibrium states depending on the initial state of particles.

(4) Mandel applet

This applet simulates a famous Mandelbrot fractals.