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Applet Tutorial: Starwars Text Scroller

This applet shows a perspective text scroller like in the starting titles of the "Star Wars" movie. The text starts from the screen bottom and scrolls up to the top, fading to a choosen color.

[For more technical information about the available parameters, click here.]

Most parameters are self-explanatory and you can always see brief description of each parameter by moving the mouse pointer over the wizard.


Basic Settings

Define the Width and Height of the applet, and select the Resolution value, which works as a zoomign factor. For the best result, use resolution = 1. Select either Background Color or Background Image in the respective fields.

Text settings

Press "Next >" and type in the text, or import from a text file. Come back to the text effect configuration page. Select Font Type, Style (Italic, Bold), and Size. There are two types of Text Color: Far Text Color and Near Text Color. If you want the lines of the text centered in the screen, check out Center box. You could Loop the text scrolling, and set Loop Timing at Time box. This defines the in-between wait time before starting the next loop.

Optionally, increase spacing between lines with the Line Spacing parameter. With Distance parameter you set the distance of the text: use greater values to send far away the text. Use the Zoom parameter if you want to zoom in or out the text on the screen. Set the Angle of text scroll, using a floating point value. Default value is "1.3", and setting it to "0.0" you will obtain a normal vertical text scroller. Don't forget to set the Speed value for the text scrolling.

Next, you can enable angle bouncing with Angle Change box checked. In this mode, you will have to set Angle Change Speed, Min and Max Angles. If you want to stop the text when you enter the applet area, check Stop Mouse box.


Give the Stars box your choice of number of starts to plot. The value of "0" results in no stars. Set both Star Color and Far Star Color. Check out Smooth box, if you want to draw stars with different smoothed colors according to near and far color parameters. Otherwise all the stars will be drawn with starsColor parameter. If Different Size box is checked, perspective rendering of stars is enabled. In other words, the nearer the starts come, the bigger they look. However, the size of the stars could be limited by the value for Maximum Size. Next, set the Speed of the stars and the Star Distance. The greater the value for Star Distance, the nearer the stars. The Maximum Z value corresponds to the maximum stars distance on the z axis; use big
values to add distance to the stars origin. Finally, place in the Rotation Angle box a floating point value for the star rotation speed. Use negative values for inverse rotation.

Now, proceed to the expert menu.