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Applet Tutorials: Zoom-Rotator

This applet can zoom and rotate (eventually distorted) any GIF or JPG image. The only requirement is that the image loaded must be equally sized to one of the powers of 2 (64x64 pixel, or 32x64, 128x128, ...).

[For more technical information about the available parameters, click here.]

Most parameters are self-explanatory and you can always see brief description of each parameter by moving the mouse pointer over the wizard.

First, enter the image file path you want to rotate and set the applet size. Next, if you check "Tile image" option, the image will be tiled across the background, otherwise, you need to set either "Background colour" or "Background image". Then you decide if textscroll function is enabled by checking "Enable textscroll" box.

We have provided 6 types of rotation mode, i.e.:

1) Zoom and Rotate
2) Rotate only
3) Zoom only
4) Distort only
5) Zoom and Distort
6) Automatic show: ZoomOnly, then Zoom&Rotate, then Zoom&Distort

After you select one of them, set the rotation speed and the applet resolution, for which any integer R (0<R<9) is valid. Bigger values for the rotation speed result in faster rotation.

Next, there are three zoom factors. Minimum and Maximum zoom factors are roughly equivalent to min. and max. zoom rate.

So, it's recommended to place values which show large difference. For example, 4 and 30 rather than 20 and 21, and so on. Zooming speed is clear. It stands literally for zooming speed!

Pause parameters are enabled only when you have selected "Automatic" mode.

You can control two pause length. The first pause length in milliseconds appears between "zoom only mode" and "zoom and rotate mode", while the second one is for the in-between "zoom and rotate mode" and "zoom and distortion".

Finally, come the three distortion parameters.

You can control horizontal "X" and vertical "Y" distortion factors (which take values between 0 and 8) and the overall distortion power at "Distortion value" (1...255).

Proceed to the textscroll menu if you have checked the textscroll box; otherwise go to the expert menu.